Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friday, September 11, 2009

Like father like son...

Orion (our oldest son) disappeared for a while, and when we went to find him-- he's there sitting quietly on the kitchen table next to Al's new painting, drawing a replica of it. It was so cute, we had to take a pic! He even signed it with his initials "OCM" for Orion Che Montoya.

And yes, he was named after Ernesto Che Guevara.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Alberts new series: "Dames!"

These hot mamas will be on display in a group show in L.A. sometime in September. More info on the show to be announced! And prints will be out soon.. so keep an eye out!

summer paintings and prints!

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

A few photos from the ILLAZILLA show at LACED..

Fun for the whole family! More photos from the show can be found on the official Laced website!


One of the best shows to come..

If you are in NY between April 10th - May 4th.. we highly suggest that you peep out this amazing show going on at McCaig Welles gallery-

(Click on flyer to view it in full size)

With an amazing lay-up (*ahem, Sherm from COI!<3)... this makes me wish I could be in Brooklyn next month...


Love from Cincinnati. Ohio!

What I thought was a very small order of accessories and an "RP" logo on vinyl for our truck.. turned into one of the best packages filled with assorted surprises that we've ever received!!

Thank you to my awesome friend Paula who put together all these goodies for the Montoyas! Paula runs and owns "Express Service Signs and Shirts", and specializes in anything and (almost) everything vinyl. If you need quality shirts, stickers, signs made.. be sure to check her out!

GRIPPOS! Chips, which I've been told is a Cincinnati staple!


Custom RP Shirts for the kids, onesies for Orion.. and assorted RP Vinyl!

RP x OTP Tote bags!

Starwars x Brass knuckle tee's for the kids. Hell yeah.

....Also, I am very honored, not only to have a custom vinyl piece of artwork from Paula Goodman herself.. but because it's a tribute to our late family pet Valentine. This beautiful piece is made of 5 layers of vinyl constructed on a piece of aluminum. This photo really doesn't do this piece justice.

And here is the original..

Paula has several sites, including an etsy page.. so be sure to check it out!

Till next time!